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Mental Illness Prevention Partnership, LLC began as Healthy Minds Counseling & Mental Health Center. It began as a 501(c)3 organization located in Maryland and incorporated in 2011, has developed an innovative community support system approach to managing community Re-entry services for mentally ill ex-offenders in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia area. The Re-entry Services Program was developed when its Founder noticed growing numbers of chronically mentally ill persons serving prison terms in Maryland and surrounding jurisdictions, and being released from custody ill-prepared psychologically, socially and economically for successful re-entry in to their host communities.

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Re-Entry Assistance

Transitional housing

Employment Assistance

Recovery Support

Personal responsibility training approach Stabilization phase


Health and Wellness

Cognitive Behavioral Modification Therapy

Case management

Individual or group Counseling on an outpatient basis

Screening services for mental illness

Clinical services


Dysfunctional Relationships

Intimate partner Violence

Mental or Psychological abuse

Emotional abuse

Apparel to support mental health awareness



MIPP Staff

Mental Illness Prevention Partnership staff uses a Training and Services Coordination(TSC) case management model to help clients and achieve increasingly complex life style and family goals; to include academic or training referrals and enhancements legal services and housing search. As a result of these individualized family-focused services, stabilization of the individual and/or family circumstances occurs.


Clinical Services

Clinical Services are provided to help individuals address those underlying issues related to substance abuse and mental health; which includes developing healthy coping skills; understanding the role of cognition and behaviors; developing vocational skills, and learning a healthier and socially appropriate way of living .


At-Risk Youth Programs

At-Risk Youth Programs address the critical needs of youth ages 12-17 in the dependency system. Their lives may be derailed by mental health issues; substance abuse; or academic failure. The youth receive treatment and counseling; and gain the skills and resources they need to achieve stable, productive lives.

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